Courage to heal

I am re-using the title phrase from a very good book by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis called "The Courage to Heal". The book is for survivors of sexual abuse. I do think this courage to heal is not only for survivors of abuse, but also for anyone who comes into psychotherapy. In the previous… Continue reading Courage to heal


First steps: Seeking and receiving help

As I work with and explore cultural issues around psychotherapy and counseling, as well as help-seeking process for Asians and Asian Americans, I am noticing a pattern. First of all, many clients are often referred by others in their lives, be it a friend, family member or other professionals the person had been in contact… Continue reading First steps: Seeking and receiving help


Language in psychotherapy, the “talking cure”

When we think of psychotherapy, the immediate association is the idea of the "talking cure," i.e. the discussion between the client and the therapist of the problem presented, its significance and its resolution. It seems apparent that language is quite crucial in this interaction. What would become of psychotherapy then, if there is a variance… Continue reading Language in psychotherapy, the “talking cure”