I am still here.

I have been quiet on my blog front, but that does not mean I have been quiet with my professional career. It has been a very creative journey in how I am re-defining what is “psychotherapy” in light of the social, cultural and ecological issues we are facing in this era. Here is a little run down on what I have been engaging in the world with during the past 2 years or so when my blog has been quiet.

I have started a therapeutic social enterprise in Myanmar (Burma), which is where I was from. Their state of mental health care is dismal. There are currently only 5 qualified psychotherapists for a population of 60 million, all whom came within the last 5 years or so to start their practices in the country. This is a country traumatized by over 60 years of authoritarian rule, with ongoing civil wars (it is the world’s longest ongoing civil war, which started in the year 1949 and there has yet to be a day without some war in some part of the country ever since). You can read about what I do there on the enterprise’s website at Citta Consultancy.

I have also been engaged in teaching of psychology at first at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco from 2014 to 2017, and then at Myanmar Clinical Psychology Consortium in Myanmar as a visiting lecturer from 2017 to 2019. There will be more teaching of psychology to the community and lay counselors in Myanmar to empower them with knowledge, skills, and hopefully, a vocation, so that they can heal themselves and their communities. My enterprise is starting an online academy to do so.

Since I am starting online courses for people in Myanmar, I am also providing a similar learning platform for my fellow colleagues in the mental health and counseling field here in the USA so that they can be informed more about cross-cultural, ecological and systemic perspectives in the healing and helping profession. This will be coming up soon and the target date will be some time in 2020. I intend to have the courses be approved by the California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists so that learners can earn continuing education units.

So, I am still here, as always. I stick around until we get to where we need to go. If you happen to be looking for a psychotherapist to discuss, support or explore parts of you that need to be healed or realized fully, you can also contact me for an in-person session or an online session. I have limited openings for new clients due to my other ventures, but I am available for you.

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