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The challenges of family violence

I was recently interviewed for a video news article for Washington Post, regarding a story of family violence and its impact, particularly for one refugee woman from Burma who escaped oppression to resettle in USA. But her life remains in danger, first from her abusive husband, and second, from the lack of intervention from public safety departments. The story was published on Saturday, June 22nd, 2012.

I am a California Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, and had volunteered for a shelter several years ago. From my experience, I understand that domestic violence is a complicated issue. For persons who come from war torn or oppressed countries, the socio-economic as well as acculturation stress, and the previous trauma from countries of origin can amplify the rate of domestic violence when the family attempts to re-establish power dynamics after the normal familial hierarchy and roles/responsibilities are shifted in their new environment. Coupled by other mental health issues that are left untreated due to lack of culturally and linguistically appropriate services, the impact is significant. No person, man or woman, child or adult, should have to feel unsafe in their own home by the people they love.

You can read and watch the clip by following the link below:

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