Holding Space

In psychodynamic psychotherapy, therapists talk about 'holding space' in validating, supporting and facilitating the healing and growth of the person. In these times of global pandemic and associated Shelter-in-Place, the holding space can be reflected not just in the therapy room or in the person-to-person interactions, but also with our physical and cultural environments. The… Continue reading Holding Space

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Life during COVID

As with most of the rest of the world, I have been under shelter-at-home practice. I hope readers of this blog are also taking care to stay safe and be healthy. Though staying at home may be for the safety of your physical health, there are still concerns about how to stay emotionally and mentally… Continue reading Life during COVID


Rethinking Psychotherapy

I am rethinking psychotherapy. Not only am I rethinking it, I am re-applying it. In the words of modern era of technology, I am hacking psychotherapy. First of all, when I use the term "hacking", I do not mean to imply shortcuts or unethical and unprofessional practice of psychotherapy. These days, the term "hacking" has… Continue reading Rethinking Psychotherapy


Hero Worshipping and Splitting: Intergenerational and collective trauma, and the narcissistic wound in the Burmese psychology

As I started writing on this paper, I noticed my hesitation. I had asked myself, who am I to assume this position of knowing about the psychology of the people from Burma? What a bigot of me to prescribe some diagnostic labels to a group of people! This had been the same doubt I have… Continue reading Hero Worshipping and Splitting: Intergenerational and collective trauma, and the narcissistic wound in the Burmese psychology


Thoughts on Remaining after Loss

I came upon this short article and want to share: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/feeling-relating-existing/201309/being-remainder It has started some thoughts for me about how this sense of being a "remainder" may relate to the experience of immigration and intergenerational trauma. More to come, as soon as I have time to write on this. I took a hiatus on my… Continue reading Thoughts on Remaining after Loss

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Thoughts on DSM and diagnoses.

I recently read an article on the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). In response, I have some thoughts. Here they are below. As a practitioner myself, I find that when I sit with my clients, particularly those who are not White Americans, the DSM fail terribly. Not to say all of them can't fit… Continue reading Thoughts on DSM and diagnoses.

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The challenges of family violence

I was recently interviewed for a video news article for Washington Post, regarding a story of family violence and its impact, particularly for one refugee woman from Burma who escaped oppression to resettle in USA. But her life remains in danger, first from her abusive husband, and second, from the lack of intervention from public safety departments. The… Continue reading The challenges of family violence


Changing the frame for cross-cultural psychotherapy

I came upon this article as I was doing some research on readings about transgenerational trauma and working with ethnic communities on the internet. It is something to think about how therapists and counselors, and other helping professionals can accommodate and adapt our practices to help those from cultures that do not traditionally use Western models of mental… Continue reading Changing the frame for cross-cultural psychotherapy